Letter: Asheville needs stricter litter laws

Brutal winter

Graphic by Lori Deaton

I appreciated Sherrie Mirsky’s note to the editor [“Keep Asheville Clean,” March 14, Xpress].

I wanted to say that there is definitely a serious litter problem in Asheville. I have lived in Asheville since 1980 and have recently seen in the last year how much litter is filling up so many areas of the city and its outskirts.

Asheville needs stricter litter laws and policies put in place.

If Asheville can begin to institute a policy for litter that incorporates the first offense of a fine of $250; second offense, a fine for $1,000; and the third offense is 30 days of community service — that may be a place to start. South Carolina has a strict litter policy, and I see almost no litter when I visit there.

I recently contacted Asheville GreenWorks to ask for their help in cleaning up Old County Home Road off of Leicester Highway near the [The Meadows Apartments]. They came out with a crew on March 8 and did a terrific job. I am deeply grateful for their willingness to help clean up our city.

If Asheville keeps promoting tourism, at some point, without stricter litter laws, people will stop coming here, seeing so much trash all around the city.

Let’s get something done about this issue.

— Sarah Brownlee

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