My Experience Driving Through Asheville Nc on the Way to Texas


How many times have you had the privilege of going to Asheville NC? I have only had the chance to drive through the city once, and it was at night, in the mountains and during the rain. I was with two other people, and we had an agenda, so we didn’t get to do the things we would have liked to have done there with more time. However, we did get to see the scenery.

What was interesting is that while we planned on driving through, we had to stop because of the rain. It was literally pouring down, so we stopped at this gas station, and we stayed there to wait out the rain. It was a little agitating, to say the least, but you do what you have to do when you are on the road. We waited patiently, even though it was night’s end and we were prepared to stop somewhere.

Looking back, however, it was an experience to remember, one complete with porta potties because the gas station was being renovated. If I’m not mistaken, it was quite a sizable gas station, too. There were trucks and plenty of other automobiles sitting in the parking lot and waiting out the rain. It was a complete downpour.

We finally took off from there and ended up staying at a hotel for the night not too far away. One of these days I want to go back to Asheville and visit Billy Graham’s home. It would be nice to visit him, too, but I doubt that would ever be allowed. Plus, I hear now that he is deaf and blind, so he is likely not to have visitors. Still, I would love to go there and see the scenery during the daytime and have a chance to see his home.