Three Unique Restaurants in Asheville Nc That You Might Like

Asheville, NC is a beautiful city in the mountains. Not only do the city’s residents love Asheville, but many people love to take peaceful vacations there, too. I always think of it as home to Billy Graham, and in more recent times, home to a particular businessman I networked with and became friends with that has changed my life. In a past article, I mentioned a few good restaurants to visit while you are in the Asheville area, and I want to highlight a few more unique establishments.

Doesn’t Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian sound comfy and cozy? That’s what an Italian restaurant is supposed to be like, an intimate setting meant for all types of guests to enjoy, especially people out on dates. The lasagna looks absolutely mouth watering, and menu highlights include tiramisu, pizza spaghetti and more. Located on Merrimon Avenue, this also would be a nice place to take the fam for an evening dinner.

Next up is The Lobster Trap. Now you know lobster is going to be on the menu. This restaurant is on Patton Avenue, and the reviews mention fresh seafood, which are the key words I would want to hear to pay that place a visit to enjoy some lobster rolls, crab cakes and more. The reviews for this place really give it a thumbs up time and time again, so your seafood in the mountains shouldn’t disappoint.

The third restaurant in Asheville I want to feature briefly is Over Easy Cafe. I’m a sucker for cafes, so I scrolled down a little to catch this one. It is still one of the best restaurants in Asheville though. You might already be on to the fact that this is a place to get breakfast in Asheville. However, it is also a top spot for brunch, and it is located on Broadway Street. So while you are enjoying your time spent in the beautiful city of Asheville NC, now you have three more places to grab a bite to eat.